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What is a BONUS CARD?

Bonus Card

How do I get the BONUS CARD?

Just fill out an application during your visit to our stores with the special mark BONUS CARD.

How do I use it?

By showing the card at the checkout, before your transaction starts, you accumulate points with your daily purchases. With the purchase of 2 euros you earn 1 point, with purchases of 4 euros you earn 2 points and so on.Look for the selected products in our brochure that give you EXTRA points! The number of points is indicated at the bottom of the receipt. Using your card you grants you the right to participate in special contests in the store.

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points either with vouchers for your next purchases from the stores, or with gifts from the gift list of BONUS CARD!

Redeemable Points Gift Certificate Value
500 points 5€
950 points 10€
1.880 points 20€
4.600 points 50€
9.000 points 100€

If I lose my card?

Inform the manager of the store that serves you and you will be given a new card transferring to it the points you had.